Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recent British Trade Dollar 1896B Bidding price

1896B British Trade Dollar closed for bidding at massive USD 4250.58!!!

I personally think this is a joybidder...
Even though 1896 is a rare year and it is one of the most difficult years to find on the market, the closing price is way too high for a unslabbed coin.

The third bidder with a price of USD 1650.00 though is more reflective of what price a real intended buyer willing to pay for this coin.

USD 1650 for this 1896B is a very good price indeed for the seller.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

PCGS 1930B British Trade Dollar Graded MS 64 and MS 65

This coin was closed at USD 376 at ebay open bidding.

Superb details and nice luster.

Generally 1930 British trade dollars has quite a number of coins in high grades.
Hence the price is also relatively lower compared to other scarcer years.

Nevertheless, the truly high grade 1930B which is graded to MS65.
The price can be double of that of MS64.

This MS65 coin, was sold for USD 990 in ebay buy it now.
There is 11 coins graded PCGS MS65 from the census
Unfortunately the seller did not put a nice picture for the coin.

Please click this link to go to PCGS cert verification site to look at the proper picture.
Enter "17235487" to look up for this coin.

Monday, August 5, 2013

PCGS 1929B British Trade Dollar MS 64

This particular coin closed from, ebay open bidding at USD 462

Nice coin, light tone, great luster.
(click on image for larger view)

PCGS British Trade Dollar Graded MS64+

This coin is closed at USD565 from ebay open bidding.

This coin was toned rather significantly.
However it still received a very high grade from PCGS.

The price justify the grading, but i feel it is not justified for eye appeal.

Nevertheless, after seeing the price closed at sales and the grading....

Recent PCGS graded British Trade Dollar Prices in Ebay.

During the past 1 month, there were a number of slabbed British Trade Dollars on  EBAY.
These coins are graded by PCGS and given a very high grades of MS 64 - MS65.

The pricing of these coins are summarized in the table below:
  1. PCGS 1908 B British Trade Dollar MS64+, closed at USD 565 from open bidding.
  2. PCGS 1929 B British Trade Dollar MS64 , closed at USD 462 from open bidding.
  3. PCGS 1930 B British TRade Dollar MS64, closed at USD 376 from open bidding.
  4. PCGS 1900 B British Trade Dollar MS64, closed at USD 710 from open bidding
  5. PCGS 1897 B British Trade Dollar MS 64, closed at USD 710 from open bidding
  6. PCGS 1925  British Trade Dollar MS64, closed at USD 488 from open bidding.
  7. PCGS 1899 B British Trade Dollar MS 64, closed at USD 482 from open bidding
There were two PCGS graded MS 65 British trade dollar sold as well:
  1. PCGS 1930 B British Trade Dollar MS 65, sold at buy it now USD 990.
  2. PCGS 1929 B British Trade Dollar MS 65, sold at buy it now USD 990.
A piece of super nice, one of the highest graded PCGS Britis Trade Dollar
  1. PCGS 1929 B British trade dollar graded MS65 +, closed at USD 1452.00 from open bidding

A piece of rare over dates
  1. PCGS 1929/1 MS63+, closed at USD 1175.00 from open bidding

I shall create link for all these coins pictures shortly.
Disclaimer: The pictures were taken from ebay and for sharing purpose only. If the respectful owner feels impropriate to share, pls drop me a comment line.

Key points that i learned from studing the price pattern is as follows:
  1. Never clean your coin! PCGS and NGC likes natural coins, some of these coins are toned quite significantly but yet given a superb gradings. Once cleaned, you will only get UNC details which worth significantly lesser.
  2. The denote + sign from PCGS also translate into more higher price for that particular coin.
  3. From MS 64 to MS 65 grades, the price is almost double for the 1 grade higher coin.
  4. The overdate coins rarely given a numerical MS grading. they usually get the details grading. Hence the 1929/1 is a rare coins.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

British Trade dollar Year 1908 ( 3 variants exists)

There are 3 variants for British Trade Dollar year 1908

Variant 1: British trade dollar 1908 Bombay mint

This is the commoner type from Bombay Mint
Recorded mintage of  6,870,741 makes this coin a common year coin

A good coin with fairly nice details.
However, the B on the prong is not a clear B.
Some quarters has over the years argued that the unclear B coin
raises the suspicion that this is a restruck coin by Chinese using 0.900 silver over the same period
Real Great Britain Bombay Mint trade dollar has a perfect B inscription.

Variant 2: 1908 over 07 Overdates British Trade Dollar
The overdate variant is of unknown quantity.
This is a scarcer dates to find

It is not that difficult to spot the overdate as the tail of 7 will stand out below the 8 circle.

Variant 3: British Trade Dollar 1908 over 03 Over date
Another piece of scarce overdate.

This overdate is more difficult to spot as the crafted 8 on 3 matches considerably.
I personally have problem identify the overdates for this coin.

The 8 and 3 can matches considerably
This is from another piece, i wondered if this is an overdate

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Straits Settlements Dollar Year 1904 (4 Die Variety at the Year Inscription)

This blog post was created out of my curiosity.
Recently a  prominent retailer put up a whole lots of 1904 Straits Settlements Dollar on internet site. (a total of >10 coins) and i made the survey to see through if i can find the date variety as stated in catalogue.

Year 1904 Straits Settlements Dollar has total mintage of over 20 millions copies.
4 varieties in the date inscription is known to date.

The Observe are all the same

This is my amateur attempt to describe the difference via pictorial.
(i apologize for the slight rotated pics as the initial loaded pics were rotated as well.)

Variety One: Close 4 in date variety
1. The gap between <0 and 4> is closer than <9 and 0>
2. The height of 4 is parallel with 0

Variety Two: Close high 4 in date variety
1. The gap is closer as the first variety example
2. The height of 4 is higher than 0
Variety Three : Very close 4 in date variety
The gap between the <0 and 4> is even smaller if compared with close 4 varieties above

Variety Four: Wide High 4 in date variety
1. The <0 and 4> gap is wider compared to the above 3 varieties. (almost same space like the <9 and 0> gap)
2. The 4 is higher than the 0

As i stated in the mintage table, not many collectors take note of the varieties here.
However if you have a huge collections for 1904 Straits Dollars, why not search and see if you have all those in your collections.