Thursday, June 13, 2013

Straits Settlements Dollar Year 1904 (4 Die Variety at the Year Inscription)

This blog post was created out of my curiosity.
Recently a  prominent retailer put up a whole lots of 1904 Straits Settlements Dollar on internet site. (a total of >10 coins) and i made the survey to see through if i can find the date variety as stated in catalogue.

Year 1904 Straits Settlements Dollar has total mintage of over 20 millions copies.
4 varieties in the date inscription is known to date.

The Observe are all the same

This is my amateur attempt to describe the difference via pictorial.
(i apologize for the slight rotated pics as the initial loaded pics were rotated as well.)

Variety One: Close 4 in date variety
1. The gap between <0 and 4> is closer than <9 and 0>
2. The height of 4 is parallel with 0

Variety Two: Close high 4 in date variety
1. The gap is closer as the first variety example
2. The height of 4 is higher than 0
Variety Three : Very close 4 in date variety
The gap between the <0 and 4> is even smaller if compared with close 4 varieties above

Variety Four: Wide High 4 in date variety
1. The <0 and 4> gap is wider compared to the above 3 varieties. (almost same space like the <9 and 0> gap)
2. The 4 is higher than the 0

As i stated in the mintage table, not many collectors take note of the varieties here.
However if you have a huge collections for 1904 Straits Dollars, why not search and see if you have all those in your collections.

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