Wednesday, July 17, 2013

British Trade dollar Year 1908 ( 3 variants exists)

There are 3 variants for British Trade Dollar year 1908

Variant 1: British trade dollar 1908 Bombay mint

This is the commoner type from Bombay Mint
Recorded mintage of  6,870,741 makes this coin a common year coin

A good coin with fairly nice details.
However, the B on the prong is not a clear B.
Some quarters has over the years argued that the unclear B coin
raises the suspicion that this is a restruck coin by Chinese using 0.900 silver over the same period
Real Great Britain Bombay Mint trade dollar has a perfect B inscription.

Variant 2: 1908 over 07 Overdates British Trade Dollar
The overdate variant is of unknown quantity.
This is a scarcer dates to find

It is not that difficult to spot the overdate as the tail of 7 will stand out below the 8 circle.

Variant 3: British Trade Dollar 1908 over 03 Over date
Another piece of scarce overdate.

This overdate is more difficult to spot as the crafted 8 on 3 matches considerably.
I personally have problem identify the overdates for this coin.

The 8 and 3 can matches considerably
This is from another piece, i wondered if this is an overdate

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